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The Product Journey of Quin blouse and Noa skirt



Silk is one of the most luxurious and high-end textile fibers in the world. It's entirely natural and a biodegradable fiber that imposes relatively low environmental impact. The silk we use is sourced from an Indian supplier, which has over 35 years of experience with the sourcing luxurious and the most high quality silks.

Silk originates from the cocoons of the silkworm (Bombyx mori).



These silk threads are then spun into yarn, which will be used to weave the fabric. Weaving silk requires skill and precision due to the delicate nature of the material.


Mumbai, India

Our partner Akané studio has dyed the silk 100% naturally by hand. Akané studio is a dyeing house, exclusively working with natural dyes. The studio is located in Mumbai, India and run by the sisters; Janhavi and Juhi. Read more about Akané studio on the partner page

Our silk is dyed with the petels of Marigold flowers. They collected the flowers from temples and the local flower market, they separate the petals from the flower and create a beautiful and lively print on the silk fabric. Plant dyeing is quite a challenge. Everything has influence on the colour - the temperature, light, humidity, and the ingredients themselves. Have any travel plans? The Akané sisters also offer workshops.


Mumbai, India

After the fabrics are dyed and dried, the blouses and skirts are sewn in Akané's atelier. They handle everything in-house, eliminating the need for the fabrics to travel again. Stay tuned for some more video's from the cutting and sewing as they are still working on it!

They also craft matching scrunchies from leftover materials, ensuring that no fabric - and all the love and labor invested in it - goes to waste.

Ready to pre-order

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We decided to offer you the Quin blouse and Noa skirt for pre-order. This means you can already order your favorite item while the production is in process, with a discount! We want to encourage you to order early in the production process. This way, we can better match supply to demand and avoid unnecessary stock and you can follow the beautiful production process in real-time. Keep an eye on our Instagram to follow the process!

The Quin blouse and Noa skirt will be ready for shipment at the beginning of May!

Excited about the Quin blouse and Noa skirt? Head over to the SHOP now.

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