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Mumbai, India

Akané studio is a dyeing house, exclusively working with natural dyes. The studio is located in Mumbai, India and run by the sisters; Janhavi and Juhi. They make the most beautiful creations for slow fashion brands and sell their own products as well. 

With textile dyeing and treatment being the second-largest polluter in the world, Akané studio decided to go back to the roots and work only with dyes obtained from natural sources such as plants, flowers, roots, wood, bark, berries, nuts, seeds etc.

This past year we partnered up with Akané studio and have been experimenting with natural dyes. They create the most beautiful colours and dye everything themselves by hand. There is no involvement of machines throughout the whole process.

They mostly collect their dyeing materials from waist products, which they collect at temples. As natural dyes contain no chemicals, they are very sensitive and a lot of different elements can influence the colour of the dye, such as the temperature, the moisture content of the surrounding and sunlight. This can cause slight imperfections and irregularities in the dyed material, however we think this makes every dyed piece unique.

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