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MENDED repair service


Pants caught in the bike chain or a button fallen off your blazer? Or have you bought a new pair of pants from us, but the legs are too long? What we prefer to see is that you have your clothing tailored or repaired when there's a defect, giving them an even longer life.

It’s great if you can do this yourself, but if not, and you don't have a tailor nearby (or simply no time), take advantage of the super handy repair and alteration service from MENDED.


How does MENDED work?

Step 1. Book the desired repair or alteration service on the MENDED website. Adjusting the length of your new pants is offered as a service, and repairing a defect within the warranty is, of course, also included.

Step 2. Send your item. Receive a DHL shipping label to drop off your package anywhere in the Netherlands.

Step 3. The MENDED tailors will get to work for you and ensure your clothing is ready to be worn again. Within 10 days, you will have your favorite Floria item back.

What clothing repairs can MENDED perform?
We can fix tears, holes, buttons, zips, hems, pockets, belt loops, and straps. Additionally, we can adjust the waist and length of most items. Browse and select the services you need on our platform.

When will I have my clothing back?
We strive to get your item(s) back to you within 10 days, including shipping to and from MENDED.

Will I be kept informed?
Yes, of course! You will receive an email when your order is confirmed, when your package arrives at the tailor, when your clothes are fixed or fitted, and when they are on their way back to you.

How much does it cost?
Check out the various options on the MENDED website. Sewing on a button can start from €7.99 excl. shipping. Shortening your new Floria pants is a gift from us, and repairing a product defect within the warranty is, of course, also included!

In which countries is the service available?

For now the service is available in The Netherlands and Germany.

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