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Fous A Fous

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We worked together with our development partner, Fous A Fous Fashion Productions based in Amsterdam. Fous A Fous supported us developing and producing our collection with their selected expert partner suppliers in Portugal and Italy.

Referring to Nabila’s roots (founder of Fous A Fous), Fous A Fous meaning ‘hand in hand’ in Berber, originates from a dialect in northern Morocco. They believe that great products are the outcome of great partnerships with manufacturer and always consider their values -> Quality, Responsibility, Efficiency, Cooperation. 


Their mission is to support the shift from fast to slow fashion by carefully selecting the production facilities and high-quality materials- consciously keeping the environment and working conditions in mind. 

See below some video's of the fittings and development process. It takes about 6 months of developing every style, to get the best fit and quality.

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