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RWS Certified Farm


Our Merino Wool comes from a farm which is RWS certified. The Responsible Wool Standard ensures the wool comes from farms that have a progressive approach to managing their land, practice holistic respect for the welfare of the sheep and respect the Five Freedoms of animal welfare.

Merinos are regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep.

After shaving the sheep, the wool is washed, dried and combed into wool tops.


Spinning mill


Next, the combed wool is sent to Bulgaria where it is spun into wool yarns.



After spinning the wool into yarns, the wool is sent to Italy where it has been dyed in the beautiful warm white colour. Now the wool yarn is ready to be knitted into a garment.


Terni, Italy

The wool yarns arrive at our knitting supplier in Italy where it is knitted into panels. The knitted panels are hand linked and our labels are sewn-in. Read more about our knitting manufacturing supplier on our partner page

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