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Banglore, India

Khaloom is a textile design and production house, led by women and based in the weaver’s colony of India; Banglore. Khaloom uses traditional handlooms, which is an energy-neutral production manner, as it requires no electricity, only (wo)manpower.

Handweaving is perfect to upcycle small quantities of waste materials and turn it into high-quality fabrics. Therefore most of their fabrics are (partly) recycled.


They pay their weavers 2-3 times the minimum wage of India, while more than 51% of the weavers receive less than half of the minimum wage in India. They also make sure their weavers get fixed contracts, a health insurance and pension.

Khaloom has woven our main fabric for the sustainable suit: Janne blazer and Biel pants  and our Biel shorts and June jacket.

Olive -Floria

Olive -Floria

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