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MENDED X Floria Collective

"We want women to make an unforgettable impression with their clothing, and that’s why it has to fit perfectly," says Froukje Wallendal, designer and founder of Floria Collective. "We produce in small batches, so we choose one long length for our pants. Many women are wearing their pants longer these days; it's fashionable and convenient with high-heeled shoes."

Founders Froukje van Floria Wallendal en Agnes Weber van Mended
Froukje Wallendal (Floria) and Agnes Weber (MENDED)

A Collaboration for Customization and Sustainability

"We are not all the same height, and an oversized pair of pants does not make the desired impression. That's why we send women to a local tailor to adjust their pants," explains Froukje. "The idea is great: everyone gets a pair of custom-fitted pants. But not everyone has a tailor nearby or time to visit one. That's where MENDED came in."

Since its founding in 2022, MENDED has captivated the Dutch and German fashion markets with their mission 'to keep clothes in play,' as they call it. Fueled by collaborations with fashion brands like ARMEDANGELS, MUD Jeans, and Kuyichi, the company is quickly becoming synonymous with a new era of customer relationships and circular innovation. MENDED, founded by Austrian content creator Agnes Weber and Dutchman Daan Maasson, partners with fashion brands to offer after-sales services that enhance customer loyalty. By working with selected tailors, MENDED's approach creates a circular and premium customer experience.

MENDED offers an online repair service in collaboration with selected tailors, making repairs as easy as ordering a new item. "We already knew MENDED as a repair service and secretly wanted to collaborate," says Fleur Geerinck, co-founder of Floria. "Although we rarely receive repair requests, we see a lot of potential in combining repair and customization."

Impact on Style and Sustainability

By collaborating for repairs and adjustments, MENDED contributes to Floria Collective's mission to help women make an impact with their outfits. This impact is not only in terms of style and perfect fit but also in terms of sustainability and the longevity of their garments.

"Our vision is that clothing should not only be beautiful and stylish but also have minimal impact on our planet. By giving clothing a longer life, we make a difference," says Froukje. "With the collaboration with MENDED, we can realize this even better."


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